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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something to think about


I love books. I have always loved books. I love the look of books, the smell of books, the feel of books in my hands, the world that a book opens up, like being able to have a passport to this world and beyond with no restraints of space or time. I have been considering applying to the Master's program at U of I for a while to get my Master's in Library Sciences. Today I went to the library in Alexis to see if I could volunteer or anything to kind of get a feel for things and see if it is really what I want to do. They told me they didn't need any volunteers right now. I was kind of bummed, but maybe it's just not the right library for me. Even though it is a very small library, the feeling I felt taking the girls there and the feeling I had in myself, coming to this home of so many different lives and experiences and places and times. It moved me. I love the quiet, the organization, being surrounded by the creative energy of others. I feel somewhat similar in bookstores, but honestly, there is just something about knowing that the books in a library have been in other homes, in other hands and have come to life in other people's minds is just amazing and beautiful. The power a library card can give you is unmeasurable. It is that passport across space and time to lands that to one person will be completely different to another thanks to the power of individual imagination.

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