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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deer in the headlights

Last night on my way to pick up the girls after a meeting at Lauren's new pre-school, I came up over a hill and saw a family of deer. About four does, what looked like a young buck, and a fawn. I was probably driving a little too fast for the road, but luckily saw them with enough time to slow down. I ended up just stopping in the middle of the road for a few minutes (it was a gravel back road, and I made sure no one was coming or behind me) and watched the deer for a minute (two of them were in the road). It made me think about how fast things can come up in life. Things that could drastically change your life forever. What if it could be just like this moment? Everything just slows down and has the ability to stop before something devastating happens and the situation is laid out in front of us for full view. Where choices are very easy to see and disaster can be avoided. I slowed down, the deer finally took off and we avoided a disaster for both of us. Could have ended much differently if I weren't paying attention. I'm thankful, not just for myself avoiding the accident, but for the beautiful family of deer. I know it's hokey and lame, but they all just looked so peaceful and beautiful, standing there together. It just reminded me of how life should be more relaxed and simple and cherished. Every moment. Every day.

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