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Monday, July 12, 2010

Bob's ministry lives on...

Lovely. Describes the day perfectly. I got to sleep in and then came downstairs to my beautiful girls singing to me "Happy birthday, Mommy!". Nathaniel made me breakfast, complete with the creamer I love for my coffee (which he went to the store and bought me four of so I wouldn't run out for a while). We went to my favorite restaurant (Shogun in Davenport) for sushi with my friend, Crystal, and her husband, Tom, and their son, Ayden (who turns 3 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AYDEN!). Had an amazing lunch and then went to Target and Starbucks (those who know me know that that totally made my day) and then over to my grandma's for a visit. I was surrounded by people who love me and care for me, I received phone calls and texts and even though I know it has been said that it's making us all socially inept, Facebook was a huge part in making my day special as well. As of right now I have had 86 well wishes for my birthday on Facebook. 86. How overwhelming it is to think that there are 86 people who took a moment out of their day to just wish me happiness on my birthday? I am so very blessed. It has made me realize just how much a simple message can mean to someone. Reminds me of Bob White, a gentleman I knew from my previous church who called everyone at church on their birthday. Bob passed away this past year and I just think of how huge his ministry was of making people feel special on their special day. It really encourages me to step up and work to be a more encouraging individual, not only on birthdays, but to just not hold back when I have love or support or encouragement to give. We are so often quick to lend criticism and negativity and rarely do we project positivity and encouragement as quickly. I want to work to change this.

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  1. I'm so glad that I got to share in your birthday fun on Sunday. It seems right that we got to celebrate together. And yes, the world needs more Bob Whites!