32. I have a good feeling about it. This is where I am going to choose to come each day and share a beautiful or positive thought or image or quote as a part of my own personal choice to live a life more focused and centered on positive things. Here's to the beautiful things in life!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

32 (non-people) things I love

1. The changing of colors of the leaves in the fall. Oranges, reds, dark greens, browns, BEAUTIFUL!
2. Although I'll agree it's gross, the smell of Emma's blankie and the smell of Lauren's Teddy. It smells like pure unconditional love.
3. Sunsets. Remind me of three things I love; my Grandpa Lynch, my honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta and going to the beach in Michigan with the McKennas.
4. Coffee. What a simple, warm, delicious treat. :) (preferably from Starbucks, but I'm not SUPER picky) ;)
5. Books. I could LIVE in the library or a Barnes and Noble. I love being able to escape into worlds I otherwise may not have thought of but still have the creative freedom to imagine the world as it is painted with words in my mind.
6. Musicals. Oh how I wish the world were a place where people just randomly broke out in song. Glee, Wicked, Rent, they just brings such joy and emotion to my heart.
7. Daffodils. In my opinion, the most joyful flower EVER.
8. Sunshine. Enough said.
9. Beaches. It makes me remember my place in this world to be standing next to something so much bigger than I can totally comprehend.
10. Chicago. Pretty sure there isn't a greater city in all the world. LOVE IT.
11. Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field. Please don't ask me about this one. I don't understand it either, I just go with it.
12. Hugs and kisses. Who doesn't love this one?
13. Porch swings. Nothing more relaxing and beautiful thank chillin' on the porch. (I think I'd even include the rockers in front of Cracker Barrel on this one... I could sit there all day!)
14. Simply Lemonade. Especially when it's made into a slushee, it makes an awesome treat on a super hot day.
15. Public transportation. I love people watching.
16. Journals. For me to write in. :)
17. Online message boards. What a better way to connect with people who have something in common with you, but different experiences and knowledge to bring to it!
18. The smell of rain
19. Cajun/creole food. YUM
20. Flannel sheets in the winter
21. Cotton sheets in the summer
22. Newborn diapers that are so teeny and smell like powder
23. Kindergarteners
24. New music
25. Old music
26. Free shipping on all orders
27. Road trips
28. iPods and iTunes
29. Really good iced tea
30. Campfires (especially if s'mores are involved)
31. When a new season of a favorite show starts. Always exciting.
32. Random "I love you"s throughout the day


  1. 33. Happy Joe's taco pizza. T'would be a shame to leave that out! :) Beautiful post, Carey!

  2. Oh good grief! How did I forget that one! I think it's from not having HJ in a few weeks! Must go to the 'burg and get hopped up on some good pizza!